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1-L.E.D. with keyring fitting, average quality

1-L.E.D. with keyring fitting, average quality

Ref: UV-KR-2

Price: 3.90 Including VAT


Single L.E.D. with keyring fitting.

Read all about how UV light works; see lots of photographs of what you will see with UV light, click here.

Note: this is a UV (ultra violet) lights, for ordinary (white light) lights click here.

This is a very low value item. We have a minimum order charge of 5.00 (4.17 + VAT). Is this the only item you require? You may wish to buy more than one, or add some other items to the order.

Wavelength: 385nm

Lamp: single L.E.D.

Size: 40mm dia. X 23mm X 5mm.

Power: two button batteries, size CR2016

To buy these batteries click here

Hold it about one inch from the item, the light will cover an area of about 1.5 inches. It helps to use this in the dark. These are hugely popular on the internet because of their low price, and to the human eye it's much brighter than our other UV lights (which makes people go, "wow, it's so bright it MUST be good!") - but the amount of actual UV light (which the human eye CAN'T see) is so small (i.e. the wavelength is too long) that it is of limited use.

{More info, more pictures}

Click on the picture above, see the security markings on an old (pre-2017) twenty pound note, <Actinic:Variable Name = 'detail'/> To see a five pound note under each UV torch (which gives you a good idea as to how they compare) click here.


he smallest UV that actually works, see UV-9.

The cheapest keyring UV (thought it doesn't really work), see UV-KR2.

Best: UV-1.