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10X Radiance loupe by Gemoro (loc-P)

10X Radiance loupe by Gemoro (loc-P)

Ref: GemoroRadiance

Price: 17.50 Including VAT



A stainless steel illuminated magnifier. It comes with two lighting settings - one of 4 bright white LEDs and one of 4 dimmer blue LEDs.

10X magnification. The lens quality is quite OK but far from spectacular.

Steel construction ('solid'), very unusual design, it's like a gadget James Bond would use. Whether that is good or bad - I leave to you.


Why is this in the 'clearance' section?

I got this as a sample (not a free sample!), I was curious to see what was so extraordinary about it, why the retail price is about £50.00 (true - do a search).

Sure, the lens is fine, the lights are fine. But, personally, I don't like it. As a magnifier specialist I'd value this at about...£14.58 + VAT.