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10X20 lightweight hexagonal triplet loupe, best large loupe (bar Zeiss)

10X20 lightweight hexagonal triplet loupe, best large loupe (bar Zeiss)

Ref: 10X20

Price: 29.50 Including VAT



Neckchain (optional extra) select if required

Choice of 4 lengths, from 50p


Loupe, 10X magnification, 20mm diameter lens, triplet. Best quality of all the large-lens triplet loupes (...apart from the large Zeiss loupe).
Engraved with a conversion chart for the weights of gold and diamonds. This is our own brand, we have them made for us in China, it is by far the best 10X large lens (apart from the Zeiss), despite its relatively low price.

Externally, what does this look like compared with loupes of the same lens size? Click on the picture then click on the picture of the selection of loupes - the lenses are all the same size (to within 1mm) but the casings and overall sizes are different.

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We have a calculator that shows you the working distance for any magnification, or the magnification for any working distance (Excel format), click here.

Magnification / lens size in mm: 10X20

Lens material: glass

Lens type: Triplet (contains three lenses cemented together).

Type: jewellers' loupe (small, pocket-size, folds into its metal casing)

Origin / brand: manufactured for us in China

Casing: metal

Finish: brushed aluminium, lightweight

Presentation / extras: soft leather pouch and cardboard box

{Applications / Quality}
Generally, loupes are used by jewellers and antiques traders for looking at very small marks; by horologists and engineers for inspecting very small parts; by stamp and coin dealers; as a basic field instrument for biologists and geologists.

Specifically, this loupe is the best quality of all (apart from Zeiss), helped by the small size. This is my recommendation for a top quality medium-priced loupe (aside from Zeiss and Eschenbach).

This is one of our six best loupes, see detailed review.

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{Also Wholesale}
Availability: we import these, we usually have between 'several' and 'several dozen' in stock.

We have this one especially for us. Branded QUICKTEST.
One of our best sellers, people ASK for the Quicktest 10X Loupe!
Give it a try, you should sell these.

Minimum wholesale quantity: 12
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No returns accepted so if you're not sure, buy just one item at the retail price.
No free samples.
Orders must be prepaid (we will email a proforma invoice for your accounts department).
Payment by cheque or bank transfer.
There is a flat-rate postage charge (on UK wholesale orders) of £10.00 + VAT