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24 of the most common batteries (8 sizes)

24 of the most common batteries (8 sizes)

Ref: batt-pack

Price: 21.60 Including VAT


We sell over 20 products that take button batteries, and just eight sizes fit all of them.

Now I can't guarantee that these eight sizes will fit any product you are ever likely to buy, but they are certainly the most common sizes, and there's a good chance that they will fit anything that is larger than a watch.

In the pack are 24 batteries, three each of:

371 (also known as LR920 orSR920)
395 (also known as LR927 or LR927)
389 or 390 (also known as LR1130 orSR1130)

We can also get the really tiny watch batteries to special order, give us the size, we'll give you a quote (packs of 10).