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Hand magnifier (with magnetic stand)

Hand magnifier (with magnetic stand)

Ref: 3R

23.50 Including VAT


79mm X 46mm lens with LED lights, about 2X magnification.

Very lightweight with a comfortable touch-button control.

It's not just a handheld reader, it 'rests' on a stand for sliding along a page, and the 'rest' is operated with magnets, ingenious, simple.

I got this as a sample from a manufacturer. The retail price is £39.50. I'm selling this for £23.50 (I'm making a loss) because I think the retail price should be £23.50. I don't care if there are other retailers selling this for £39.50 - compared with the hundreds of magnifiers I sell, I think this should retail for £23.50.

It IS a very clever idea - super-lightweight and easy to convert from a handheld magnifier to a stand magnifier. But do I want to import a few dozen? No!