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XS-BAG Luggage Scale, 40Kg

XS-BAG Luggage Scale, 40Kg

Ref: sb-digi-xs40

Price: 15.00 Including VAT



Model: OnBalance XS-bag

Pocket-size digital spring balance.

Suitable for weghing very heavy items that don't fit onto a standard scale, e.g. bags of silver, suitcases, weighs down to 10g and up to 40Kg (note, this one weighs down to 10g not 1g).

To read an article about weighing and weighing machines click here.

This weighing machine is not approved for use in trade, it must not be used for buying and selling. For approved scales click here.


Heavy duty hook, comfortable to hold, only one button, so intuitive that you don't need instructions.

Large green backlit display.

You can see the display as you hold the handle. It also has special feature - the display will 'lock' as soon as the load has stabalised, then you can look at it at your leisure.

Very compact, fits easily into a pocket.


SIZE: approx. 140 X 30 X 40mm (5 X 1 X 1.5 inches) plus the hook.

POWER: two CR2032 batteries

Click here for a summary of weights used for weighing gold and silver

Click herefor an online conversion program


Guarantee period: one year

Returns under guarantee: unless the fault is very simple (e.g. a flat battery) we will send you a new one. Please allow us a couple of days to verify the fault.