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50g / 0.001g by OnBalance CT-250

50g / 0.001g by OnBalance CT-250

Ref: ct-250


Free 10g / 0.1g spring balance with this product

Price: 49.50 (Including VAT)



A free spring balance 10g / 0.1g when you purchase this item. Click here to see details of free gift.


Small (not quite pocket-size) diamond balance.

The most sensitive (down to 0.001g); suitable for weighing diamonds; capacity 50g (250 carat)

Three settings: 50g / 0.001g, 100ct / 0.005ct, 250ct / 0.01ct

To read an article about weighing and weighing machines click here.

This weighing machine is not approved for use in trade, it must not be used for buying and selling. For approved scales click here.


Built-on clear folding lid

Built-in spirit level / adjustable feet

Calibration weights included

Tare (re-set zero, e.g. put a on a scoop, re-set it to zero)

Backlist display

Auto-power-off if it isn't used in

Soft carry case with calibration weights and tweezers

{Technical Specification}
RESOLUTION / CAPACITY: 50g / 0.001g, 100ct / 0.005ct, 250ct / 0.01ct
It's called "CT-250" because it weighs up to 250 carats for weighing diamonds (5ct = 1g).

Also switchable to ounces (oz), pennyweight (dwt), carat (ct), grains (gn)

- grams, metric. Today everyone weighs gold in grams. But dealers tend to weigh silver in Troy ounces.
- ounce (some say, 'English' ounce, correct term is 'Avoirdupois' ounce) for food
- Pennyweight (dwt), pre-decimal system, still used in USA
- Carat (ct) for gemstones and diamonds, not to be confused with carat as gold purity).
- Grains, originally used for weighing gold (based on a grain of wheat), today used for weighing powder

SIZE: in its carrying case with accessories 6 X 6.5 X 2 inches (145 X 170 X 50mm).
The balance: 5 X 3 X 1.75 inches (130 X 75 X 40mm).

POWER: two AA batteries

CALIBRATION: weights included

Click here for a summary of weights used for weighing gold and silver

Click herefor an online conversion program


This scale is guaranteed for 10 years (postage charged after 1 year, proof of purchase required after 2 years).

The guarantee excludes:

- flat batteries. New batteries will be charged at £2.00 plus £6.50 for return postage (UK).

- if you lose the battery compartment cover (sorry, we don't have spares)

The guarantee is invalid if there is:

- obvious damage, e.g. dents, holes, cracked casing, weighing platform loose.

- signs of 'foreign material'. That's anything that should not be there, e.g. residues of herbs, chemicals, spilt tea, corrosion from leaking batteries.


Inaccurate readings can usually be fixed by calibrating the scale, this is something you can do yourself with the two weights included). THIS IS NOT A FAULT, all electronic measuring devices need calibrating every now and again, see calibrating weighing machines. We can calibrate it for you, for free, if it is returned within three months of purchase; after that, there is a charge of £5.00 + £6.50 postage (UK).

This weighing machine is not approved for use in trade and should not be used for buying and selling on a value-for-weight basis.

To see legal (approved for use in trade) balances click here.