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5x55 reader with light (Schweizer ref.176032 Qtst ref.sch-cl)

5x55 reader with light (Schweizer ref.176032  Qtst ref.sch-cl)

Ref: Sch-5x55-round


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Price: 28.80 (Including VAT)


MAKE: Schweizer

MODEL: 176032


LENS SIZE: 55mm diameter

READER SIZE: 220x60x40 (8.75x2.25x1.5in)


- click on the picture to see detail of how much text you will see through the lens, and the clarity

- original display box and instructions (these are not copies!), but the box is little scuffed

- brand new, perfect condition, and we test each one before dispatch...and we include the batteries

- these are 'clearance' because they are part of a massive 'job lot' I bought when a large optical company went out of business, I have priced them at 30% less than the cheapest price* I could find on the internet. If you wish to buy every item in this 'clearance' section (i.e. all of them, not 'most' of them) then there is additional 10% discount.

We have 4 more models of Schweizer magnifier as 'regular lines', see German magnifiers.

* I couldn't find this particular model for sale anywhere, so I've guessed at the price, based on the price of all the other Schweizers.