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Aerotech heavy duty epoxy resin by Deluxe

Aerotech heavy duty epoxy resin by Deluxe

Ref: adsv-aero

Price: 7.50 Including VAT


Aerotech heavy duty epoxy resin


Heavy duty epoxy resin, non-drip, thick (will fill gaps), workable for an hour, gels in 2-3 hours, fully sets in 24 hours, you won't get this from an epoxy you buy in a supermarket.

For metals, wood, even carbon fibre. Good for larger items. Easy mixing (just push the double syringe). This is the best heavy duty epoxy, but it is not pretty, it's used by engineers who need to see which parts have been glued, do not use this on antiques in any place where it could 'spill out' and be visible.

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Brand: Deluxe

Quantity: 25ml

Mixing: push the double-plunger to dispense equal amounts from each tube.

Shelf life: 2 years

Application: just apply it with anything suitable, a paperclip for small items, a spoon handle for large items.

Setting time: gels in three to four hours, fully set in 24 hours.


Mix thoroughly. For best results clean surfaces (e.g. with acetone) and abrade (roughen, e.g. with emery paper) slightly.


As with all equipment and materials supplied by Quicktest, adhesives must be used in conjunction with the user's skill and experience. Under no circumstances shall Quicktest be liable for direct or indirect loss sustained in connection with any product. Please test adhesives on a low-value sample before using on a valuable antique.