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Aumed video magnifier, Aukey (3.5 inch screen)

Aumed video magnifier, Aukey (3.5 inch screen)

Ref: aukey

Price: 47.50 Including VAT


The advantage of an electronic magnifier (video magnifier) is that they light up, you can vary the magnification, you can change the colour of the print and of the background, you can even 'freeze' the picture (like a camera picture) and study it at your leisure. The advantage of this particular is that it's small and neat enough to carry in the pocket.

To read an outline of video magnifiers (the quality compared with lenses, their effectiveness and features) click here.

Magnification 2X to 13X (fixed at 4X or 8X when on its stand)

Has a plastic stand, the magnifier simply slides into it and is held at a slant, easy for reading.

Freeze-frame function, press the button the 'picture' stays on the screen, good for reading items that are too far away such as timetables at bus stops or labels on high-up supermarket shelves.

At the touch of the blue button the display can show:

- white on black
- black on white
- colour

Screen size according to manufacturer: 3.5 inch

Exact dimensions of screen: 2.75 X 2" (67 X 49mm)

Exact dimensions of entire item: 4 X 2.75 X 0.5 inch (105 X 73 x 17mm) - plus the clip-on stand, which is about the same size.

Weight: 122g.

Magnification: By pressing a button, two magnifications, about 4X and 8X. Varying the distance of the camera from the object gives a range (according to the manufacturer) of 2X to 13X.

Area of View: when used on its stand on SMALL newspaper print, 2 or 3 words across and three lines at low magnification, or 1 or 2 words across and two lines at high magnification. By removing it from the stand and holding it at various distances from the text: from 3 or 4 words across and 5 lines (weakest) or about 3 letters across the entire screen (strongest).

Maximum working distance: It 2 inches (but the design of the stand doesn't enable you to use it for writing).

Power: built in rechargeable batteries gives 2.5 hours of use on each charge.

Extras: mains plug/charger, soft carrying pouch, hand strap.

{Pros & Cons}


Old model, good price

Small size, easy to carry. I could even suggest that if you have severe eye problems - buy a large digital magnifier for reading books and magazines and buy one of these to keep in your bag or pocket for when you go out.


The small size limits you to reading only a few words at a time - obviously; you can't squish several lines of text onto a tiny screen and make them large.

The buttons are small and fiddly, anyone with shaky hands or arthritis will not be able to operate them.


Save 20% if you are registered blind or partially-sighted, download a form here. (will open as a Word document).


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