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Maplin video magnifier model N42EL (3.5 inch screen)

Maplin video magnifier model N42EL  (3.5 inch screen)

Ref: Mapl-reader

Price: 35.40 (Including VAT)


Magnification 5X, 6X, 7.5X or 10X

Takes 3 standard AAA batteries.

Three viewing modes (the text colour and background colour can be changed).

Freeze-frame function with a micro-SD card (not supplied)

IMPORTANT NOTE: this is a one-off, it cannot be replaced or repaired, if it breaks down in 3 months you get a refund. After 3 months, no returns. It IS absolutely brand new and boxed, it is not a 'return'.

To read an outline of video magnifiers (the quality compared with lenses, their effectiveness and features) click here.

Magnifications - has four, 5X, 6X, 7.5X and 10X

Neat fold-out stand so that it can be slid over a page.

Freeze-frame function, press the button the 'picture' stays on the screen - but only with a micro-SD card.,

Three viewing modes


Screen size according to manufacturer: 3½ inch

Magnification: has four: 5X, 6X, 7½X and 10X .

Exact dimensions of screen: Just under 2¾" X 2" (65 X 50mm)

Exact dimensions of entire item: 5¼" X 3" X 1" (135 X 78 X 30mm)

Weight: 180g

Area of View:
- when set to 5X magnification: vertically 3 lines, horizontally about 3 words
- when set to 6X magnification: vertically 3 lines, horizontally 2 or 3 words
- when set to 7.5X magnification: vertically 2 lines, horizontally 1 or 2 words
- when set to 10X magnification: vertically 1 line, horizontally 1 short word

Viewing Modes
Three viewing modes
- full colour
- black on white
- white on black

Power: takes three AAA batteries.


USB lead, mains plug/charger, soft carrying pouch, hand strap.


USB cable for downloading pictures to a computer

{Pros and Cons}


Cheapest, because we got it from Maplin just before they closed in 2018.

Basic, simple, no-frills. That does mean it's easy to use.

The optical quality really isn't good enough for it to be used at 10X magnification, the image is too fuzzy.

Large clear buttons, very easy for the partially-sighted.


Limited guarantee, cannot be repaired if it breaks down.

You can 'freeze' the picture (e.g. to take a 'photo' of a bus stop timetable or a label out of reach on a supermarket shelf) - that's quite standard video magnifiers; however, you can only do this if you insert a micro-SD card (not included).


Save 20% if you are registered blind or partially-sighted, download a form here. (will open as a Word document).


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