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Electronic gold tester AGT1 PLUS DELUXE) by GemOro

Electronic gold tester AGT1 PLUS DELUXE) by GemOro

Ref: agt1-dlx


Spare probe £ 34.99 incl. VAT

14ct calibration sample £ 21.00 incl. VAT

The Gold & Silver Buyer's Handbook, £8.50 instead of £12.50 £ 8.50

Price: 275.00 (Including VAT)



We are a UK company offering fast delivery and easy telephone support. Free delivery on this item if paid by bank transfer, see details.

Includes fitted case, U.K. power supply for mains

- reasonably accurate once you've got the 'knack' of interpreting the lights
- quite fast
- does not use an acid contact fluid

The price does not include a sample of 14ct (must be exactly 14ct, i.e. anything with a full British hallmark). If you are a dealer in scrap, you will have this - if not you will need both of these in order to use the machine, so please add "14ct calibration sample" to this order.

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Typically, a test takes 2 or 3 seconds. Compare this with other testers (both acid-only and electronic) which are fiddly and can take over a minute per test. This DOES make a difference if you have 20 items to test and a queue of customers!

You do have to regularly calibrate the AGT1, but this takes less than 10 seconds, there is no other preparation (apart from filing the item). With other electronic gold testers, dispensing the acid / gel and testing is very slow, and cleaning up afterwards takes 2 or 3mns.

No acid involved (unlike chemical tests); no messy contact fluids of gel dispensers (which are always acid) unlike other electronic testers.

The probe lasts a few thousdand tests (the manufactureres say 5000, some of our customers say 2000) providing you replace the cap tightly when not in use.

Also tests platinum....but not always.

Each AGT1 is supplied with a case and a mains power supply (though it does also take batteries). IT DOES NOT INCLUDE A SAMPLE OF 14ct which you will need for calibration (otherwise the AGT1 will quickly become innacurate) - though if you are a scrap dealer, you will have this (do double-check that it has a Britsh hallmark).


As with all testers (including all other electronic gold testers) the item must be filed first, both to cut through any gold plating, and to remove surface contamination.

It's American so they use the abbreviation "K" for Karat rather than our "ct" for Carat, and they refer to 10ct rather than our 9ct. No great problem, just worth noting.

It does not test silver.

Download instruction manual (pdf)

{Optional Extras}
Pick any of the following from the drop-down list above:

The Gold & Silver Buyer's Handbook (an invaluable guide to testing, buying, and selling gold)

Calibration sample, (approx. 0.5g) £27.50

Extra probe £29.50


There is no acid, there are no export restrictions.



If the item develops a fault in the first 14 days and IF it is returned to us in absolutely 'new' condition, then Gemoro will replace it, which means that we will send you a new one immediately and sort it out with Gemoro ourselves.

If the item develops a fault after two weeks or if it is returned to us with signs that it has been used (!) then Gemoro will not replace it, we must send it back for "evaluation and repair", this takes a few weeks (1 to 2 weeks to the USA + 4 to 8 weeks for their 'evaluation' + 1 to 2 weeks back to the UK).

Returns out of guarantee -

We can send it back to Gemoro, in the USA for a quote for repair if you pay the postage. Our postage charge is £17.50; Gemoro's postage charge is £87.50 (transit time one week) or £57.50 (transit time 2 to 3 weeks). In addition to these times allow 2 to 3 weeks for the quote then 4 to 5 weeks for a repair (they send them back to the manufacturers in Singapore). We will arrange to have the item returned directly to you. IF it is intercepted by HMRC (it might be, it might not) you will be charged duty and VAT on the full value of the item + a handling charge.

THIS DOES NOT AFFECT THE 14 DAY APPROVAL PERIOD - any item bought unseen (by mail) may be returned in 14 days if not suitable, it does not have to be faulty, you can return it merely because you don't like it!


The probe is a modified felt pen, it dries up easily if you leave the cap off or don't replace it firmly, and then you will have to buy a new probe. For this reason, the probes are not guaranteed. If you replace the cap between tests (push hard, until it clicks) it could last thousands of tests. Whether 'thousands' is 2000 or 5000 is open to debate. A new pen is not expensive, keep a spare in stock!