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Auracle AGT3 electronic gold tester

Auracle AGT3 electronic gold tester


Price: 559.00 Including VAT



Add 14ct calibration sample £ 21.00 incl. VAT

Add 18ct calibration sample £ 30.00 incl. VAT

Add a spare probe £ 37.50 incl. VAT


We have discontinued these due to the high level of complaints and the reluctance of the supplier, in the US, to repair or replace faulty items. We still get customers asking for these, we can get you one as a special order, but please read "Reliability / Guarantee" first.

Includes a large fitted case, batteries and a power supply for mains.

The price does not include a sample of 14ct and a sample of 18ct (must be exactly 14ct and exactly 18ct, i.e. anything with a full British hallmark). If you are a dealer in scrap, you will have these - if not you will need both of these in order to use the machine.

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- Tests gold from 6K to 24K and tests platinum/Palladium
· Large clear LCD display shows carat and also gold percentage
· Touch pen probe to the item (must be filed first) and the result will be displayed in 5 or 10 seconds
· Dual test modes - Fast Test Yellow Mode and Enhanced Test Mode
· One-step calibration with samples of 14ct and 18ct (you cannot use the tester without these!)
· Durable nickel-plated stainless steel testing plate
· Smart two-button control panel
· Auto-check function for pen probe and battery usage life percentage
· Replaceable pen probe provides thousands of tests with proper care
· Powered by 9V alkaline battery or 240V AC adaptor (included)


As with all testers (including all other electronic gold testers) the item must be filed first, both to cut through any gold plating, and to remove surface contamination.

It's American so they use the abbreviation "K" for Karat rather than our "ct" for Carat, and they refer to 10ct rather than our 9ct. No great problem, just worth noting.

In Enhanced Mode the readings you get are very precise (the nearest 1ct). Giving a reading to the nearest 1ct is not the same as being accurate to the nearest 1ct, they are not this accurate. So it's wise to take two or three readings to see if they are all the same, and if they are not, just work on an average. If you just want an approximate reading (e.g. that an item is about 9ct or about 14ct) there is no need to do this.

It is not at all accurate at testing high carat. For instance, if an item reads, "22ct", it might be 22ct, or it might be closer to 20ct, or it might be 23ct. Therefore this is not suitable for testing 'Asian gold'.

It does give a reading for platinum but this is not reiliable it sometimes confuses platinum with 'not gold', and Palladium can read 'platinum'.

It does not test silver.

{Optional Extras}

You WILL need to set the electronics to match a sample of gold (technical term: calibrate); you will need a sample of 14ct yellow gold and also (for the best results when testing high-carat) a sample of 18ct yellow gold. If you deal in scrap, you will have these, so there's no point in spending extra for the samples - just be certain that they have a full British hallmark, to guarantee the carat.

{Reliability / Guarantee}


Until Summer 2019 I had this item listed in the section, "Electronic gold testers - best" but then I noticed the level of returns and complaints: about 75%. So I moved our remaining stock to "Electronic gold testers - clearance". They sold out in November 2019. We still get customers asking for them. They are available, to special order, but read "Reliability / Guarantee" first.

We do have customers who have had one of these for years with no problem (we know, they buy probes) - but there is a high chance that you will have problems, and the tiniest problem will take several weeks to sort.

THE PEN: how many tests do you get out of the pen?

The pen is a modified felt pen, it dries up if you leave the cap off or don't replace it firmly, and then you will have to buy a new pen. For this reason, the probes are not guaranteed. If you replace the cap between tests (push hard, until it clicks) it could last thousands of tests. Whether 'thousands' is 1000 or 3000 is open to debate. A new pen is not expensive, keep a spare in stock!


Returns under guarantee -

If the item develops a fault in the first 14 days and IF it is returned to us in absolutely 'new' condition, then Gemoro (in the US) will replace it, which means that we can get you a replacement quite quickly (about 3 weeks).

If the item develops a fault after two weeks or if it is returned to us with any sign that it has been used (!) Gemoro will not replace it, they need to "evaluate" it. This takes several weeks (1 to 2 weeks to the USA + 4 to 8 weeks for their 'evaluation' + 1 to 2 weeks back to the UK).

Returns out of guarantee -

As far as we are concerned, these simply cannot be repaired. We can send you the address of Gemoro, in the USA, and you can send it back yourself for a quote for repair. Gemoro's postage charge back to you will be £87.50. They always say that the quote/repair will take 1 week, it always takes several weeks. When it is returned to you, you will also be charged duty and VAT on the full retail value.

There is no acid, there are no export restrictions.