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Beck London binocular stereo microscope

Beck London binocular stereo microscope

Ref: KP-0418-B

Price: 39.00


A binocular stereo 'dissecting' microscope (i.e. it has a thick glass stage) by Beck, London. The eyepieces are marked 'low power' and the objective lenses are marked L and R (left and right?). The magnification is the eyepiece power multiplied by the objective lens power. But we don't know what these are! So I can only guess: somewhere between 25X and 40X. The build-quality is really excellent, the optical quality is absolutely superb.

You do not, of course, have to use it as a dissecting microscope, it is just the right power for detecting forgeries on stamps and coins, inspecting the tiniest of components etc.

Size 6.5 X 10"

Posting weight 3Kg

Item weight 2.5Kg