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Better-than-loupes lenses (LOC P)

Better-than-loupes lenses (LOC P)

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I set out to find the best lenses you could buy. I found these. They were not intended for jewellery, coins etc, they were made for use in scientific equipment such as lasers. The quality is every bit as good as the best Zeiss lens (but with a vairety of sizes Zeiss don't make). My idea was to get casings made, to make them into folding jewellers loupes. Alas, my idea didn't work, the lenses are too thick. So I made some nice rims which feel nice to hold, and each has a large nylon screw so that you could remove the lens if you wanted.


Power: 10X
Diameter: 15mm
Material: glass
f = 50mm

Power: 6.5X
Diameter: 23mm
Material: glass
f = 40mm

Power: 5X
Diameter: 25mm
Material: glass
f = 50mm