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Binocular magnifier like spectacles + light

Binocular magnifier like spectacles + light

Ref: binocmag-specs


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Binocular magnifier with a selection of three 'spectacle' lenses, clip them in, either one pair at a time (magnifications 1.5X, 2X or 2.5X) or two pairs at a time (giving 3.5X, 4.00X or 4.5X magnifications).

Adjustable light powered by a rechargeable battery and a built-in charger.

Carrying case.

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A compact binocular magnifier very neat in its carrying case, suitable for occasional reading, crafts, or for simple engineering work. I say, "occasional" because it's not as comfortable to wear as the models on headbands, but it's small enough to slip into a bag, and also it looks like a large pair of spectacles, good if you are self-conscious about wearing a big magnifier in a public place.

The 1.5X is good for reading (if our eyesight is very poor); the 2X and 2.5X are good for closer craft and hobby work, fly-tying, wiring in fuse cupboards or switch rooms (its light helps).

{Technical Specification}

Three pairs of lenses:

Used individually:
or if you combine them:
- you can use the 1.5X with the 2X = 3.5X magnification
- you can use the 1.5X with the 2.5X = 4X magnification
- you can use the 2X with the 2.5X = 4.5X magnification

LED light: adjustable angle (swings in/out and up/down); adjustable brightness ('bright' or 'dim').

POWER:built-in rechargeable battery, USB cable included for charging.

{Further information}

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