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Right-angle spectacles ("TV Glasses")

Right-angle spectacles (

Ref: kp-0215-n

Price: 45.00


I would guess, from the style, that these date from the 1910s or 1920s (perhaps a spectacle historian would like to educate me on this).

SIZE: the marker in the picture is divided in one inch sections

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Today these would be called "TV glasses" for lying in bed facing the ceiling, and watching the TV at the end of the bed. However, I doubt that TV had been invented when these were made. They were, most likely, intended for someone who was bed-ridden (perhaps parallised from the war), they are far too well-made to be a toy. What is quite remarkable is not only the condition of the spectacles, but the actual case. the case is marked THEODORE HAMBLIN LTD. 15 WIGMORE STREET. LONDON. W.1 AND PROVINCES.