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Battery-Testing Tweezers

Battery-Testing Tweezers


Many a time I have fetched the big box labelled "electrical repair" and set up the volt meter, just to test a battery. If only I had known about these! Press the ends either side of the battery (any 1.5 volt cell, e.g. watch battery / button battery)...and if the battery is good the entire end of the tweezers light up. So simple!

To download an instruction manual for all models of battery tester, click here.

Price: 4.50 Including VAT


The Gold & Silver Buyer's Handbook by Raffi Katz

The Gold & Silver Buyer's Handbook by Raffi Katz

Ref: BK

The Gold and Silver Buyer's Handbook

Author: Raffi Katz

Format: softback, 184 pages

Edition: 2010 (revised 2011)

Publisher: Quicktest

ISBN: 978-0-9512095-3-0

Also available as a download from Amazon, Click here

Are you a buyer for a chain of stores? Do you think your staff would benefit from this book? If (online) you order 10 you will automatically be charged £11.00 each; if you order 50 you will automatically be charged £8.50 each.

Part One: Gold and Silver

Purity, Types of Gold, Not Gold, Hallmarking, Testing, Formulae for Calculating Gold Prices, Weights, Gold and Money, Weights and Weighing, Weighing Machines, Valuations, Cleaning and Polishing.

Part Two: Buying and Selling

Where to Sell and How Much to Expect, Jewellers and Scrap Dealers in Person, The All-Purpose High Street Secondhand / Loans Shop, Scrap by Mail and from the Internet, Trade Buyers of Scrap and Bullion, eBay, The Internet, Selling from a Website, Knockers, Travellers & Road Shows, Silver, A Word about Style, Scrap Values, Items Worth More than Scrap, Selling Tips, Buying from Retail Shops, Junk Shops, Antiques Shops, Pawnbrokers, The All-Purpose High Street Secondhand / Loans Shops, Jumble Sales, Garage Sales & Boot Sales, Antiques Fairs & Markets, Mail Order, Auctions, Buying Tips.

BUYING AND SELLING FOR PROFIT: Part Time. Full Time: New Goods, Full Time: Secondhand or Antique Goods, Tips: The Art of Haggling, Avoid Buying Stolen Goods, Registration for Dealing in Secondhand Goods, Internet Auctions and Online Shops, Creating (and selling from) a Website, Taking Money (payment methods), Buying and Selling Bullion, Tax, Futures Trading, Gold Leasing, Price Fluctuations.

Part Three: Useful Information and Fascinating Facts

Foreign Dates & Names on Coins, Pre-Decimal System, Counting Coins by Weight, Rare Coin Dates, Better-than-Gold Bullion Coins, Weights and Purities Charts, Commemorative Medallions, Hallmark Date Letters, Matching Designs on Cutlery, Designs of Chains, More about Paper Money and Gold Money, Calibrating Weighing Machines, About Testing Acids, Gemstones and Gem Testers, Testing and Buying Diamonds, Rates Survey, Birthstones, Useful Contacts, PPS for Credit Cards, Conversions.

{What Raffi Says}
The book started when I worked at a jewellery shop specialising in scrap and bullion. From the very first day, I started making lists and charts: details of how to calculate scrap prices quickly, lists of coins and medallions, notes about how I had mistaken non gold items for gold.

This new edition contains the latest hallmark charts (including international marks), reviews of gold testers, and the latest information about trading in secondhand goods, weights & measures, and selling on the internet. Also: how to clean silver using a simple chemical reaction; how to check a weighing machine; advice about handling testing acids; details of the best places to sell gold and how much money to expect; how to buy and sell for profit.

A very useful and comprehensive reference tool for anyone involved in buying, selling or trading...
Marie Brennan, The Birmingham Assay Office

I think it's great that someone has picked up all those eclectic bits of information that have taken years to accrue and wrapped them into one small but perfectly formed package, it will save a lot of beginners a lot of time...covering what appears to be just about everything that is in this book.
Dave Merry, Head of Assay Office Training, The London Assay Office

A good reference, it answers the questions that an aspiring gold dealer would want to ask, very simple straight forward language...a must-buy for both the novice and the serious dealer.
Michael Bloomstein, Bullion Dealer

A really fascinating book. I am doing the JET 1 course and am using the book as a reference guide, I have read the book twice and have already used it in a few assignments. Very informative...brilliant!
Rebecca T. Student

A mine of useful information for the experienced or indeed the novice serious about dealing in precious metals...once I started reading this book I just could not put it down.
Michael Murphy, Baird & Co.

A must-read for all those who buy or sell gold or silver. The amount of information in this book is staggering, answers...all the questions you may have on buying Gold and Silver plus much more.
Cookson Precious Metals

I would describe this book as the Jeweller's Bible. All the information you need on testing and weighing an easily understood and detailed guide.
Bridget, Lynco

See the full (un-edited!) version of these reviews,click here.


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Pocket Fruit Knives by Simon Moore

Pocket Fruit Knives by Simon Moore

Ref: bk-fruitknives

Pocket Fruit Knives

Author: Simon Moore

Format: hardback, 288 pages

Edition: 2008

A brief history of pocket and fruit knives in Europe up to 1650
Early French pocket fruit knives
Evolution of English pocket fruit knives to 1770
The 'Pistol=grip' period: 1170-1790
The Golden Age: 1790-1815
Later Regency to pre-Victorian, Rocco and neo-classical re-visited 1815-1837
The extravagance of the Victorian period1837-1890 & later French pocket fruit knives
The declining years: 1890-1940
Pocket fruit knives from other countries
Collecting, construction, pitfalls, fakery and faults
Pocket fruit knives, list of makers, references & further reading

On one level this is a glorious picture book detailing the history of the fruit knife from the 1650s to the 1960s; on another level it is a guide for any collector or dealer showing the varying styles through the ages, including sponsors' marks, hallmarks and values.

So the next time you find 'an old penknife' or an 'interesting item of cutlery' check to see if it is an old fruit knife, and research its age, maker and value.

Price: (1 item) 12.50
Price: (2 to 4 items) 15.00
Price: (5 or more items) 12.50


Jewellery Making for Profit

Jewellery Making for Profit


Jewellery Making for Profit

Author: James Hickling

Format: hardback, 175 pages

Edition: 1995

Retail price is £16.99. our price is £7.50

Workshop and equipment: polishing machine, rolling mill, grinder, drill press, guillotine, pinfold sizer, bench vice, fly press, lathe.

Materials: steel (hardening and tempering), copper (planishing, punching, engraving).

Speeding up production: (including machines you can buy, adapt or make yourself).

This is not a 'learn to hand-make jewellery' book (which takes years to learn), neither does it expect you to spend several thousand pounds setting up a high-tech. workshop. Instead, it treads a fascinating middle ground: tools you can make or adapt yourself; how to make badges, brooches, bangles, rings etc by the hundred; how to produce small components by the thousand. It is full of invaluable advice for those who want to produce jewellery in quantity, whether to sell to friends or from a market stall or to local shops or even by mail.

Total Price: 6.50



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Polishing cloth, large, 11 X 11 inches, large

Polishing cloth, large, 11 X 11 inches, large


Siliconised, washable, 11 X 11 inches.
(They're meant to be 12 X 12 inches, but they're very slightly smaller, so I describe them as 11 X 11 inches)

For polishing gold, diamonds and gemstones, lenses, even shop counters.

For more about polishing click here

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Keyring torch

Keyring torch

Ref: torch-kl

The most powerful keyring torch I have found, yet measures only 16 X 23 X 6mm.

Last year I bought one of these in a shop in our local town (Watford), I paid £8.50.

Then I found that my supplier of magnifiers, in China, had these and so I bought a few.

OK, I confess: I bought a few thousand, hence my prices.

(You don't have to DO anything to get these prices, just order more and you will see that you have been charged less)

Please note, this gives out ordinary (white) light. For UV (ultra violet) lights click here.

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Hanging Balance 100g. (Silver)

Hanging Balance 100g. (Silver)



Based on the Victorian design (they made these in brass, elaborately hand-engraved)...though this one is made on a machine in China.

Capacity 100g. Finest division 1g. Also marked in ounces.

Perfect as a letter balance if you merely need to know if the item weighs less than 100g.
Also good for weighing small items of jewellery.

We have a very similar scale in black, click here to see.

This is a very low value item. We have a minimum order charge of 7.50 (6.25 + VAT). Is this the only item you require? You may wish to buy more than one, or add some other items to the order.

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Set of plastic finger sizers

Set of plastic finger sizers

Ref: fgrszr-uk

Finger sizers (for measuring the size of fingers) sizes A to Z plus extra-large sizes up to Z+6 (32 sizes in all) - in a tasteful blue

These are not the bargain-basement plastic finger sizers, they are of a decent thickness and do not break as they are pushed onto fingers.

This is a very low value item. We have a minimum order charge of 7.50 (6.25 + VAT). Is this the only item you require? You may wish to buy more than one, or add some other items to the order.

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