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Secondhand cameras

Zenit-E with two lenses, case, original instructions

Zenit-E with two lenses, case, original instructions

Ref: nk-1208-3

I bought this to teach my daughter photography, because the light meter is on the top of the camera (see large picture) and you can see what it does as you change the shutter speed and aperture, and that's why I chose this particular model. Before buying this one I saw a few Zeni-Es but every one had a broken meter. This one works fine.

Anyway - my daughter has now grown up and is living away from home (and able to take photographs) so I think it's time to sell it.


Zenit-E camera
Telephoto lens Oristar f2.8 (135mm).
Wide angle lens Vivitar MC Tele converter
Camera bag
Original instruction manual
There's also a guarantee, but it isn't dated.

Price: 29.00


Zenit Photosniper (

Zenit Photosniper (

Ref: CC519

Photosniper outfit in its metal case, and in remarkably good condition. As you see, all the accessories are there, except for one space in the lid (this originally contained a standard lens). Manuals available on the internet, I'll include a printout.

Click on picture to see larger / further pictures.

Price: 59.00


Two box cameras

Two box cameras

Ref: 809-bt-4

Note, the £15.00 is for BOTH cameras. One, as you see, is quite a nice early model.

Click on the picture to see enlarged view.

EXTRAS, NOT IN PHOTOGRAPHS: one camera has its original canvas case with strap

MARKINGS: click on picture to see detail

CONDITION: I'm not a camera person, but the shutter mechanisms see to work, the insides are clean, they both have their film take-up spindles...that's about as much as I know.

COMMENTS: As you see from this website, cameras aren't really my subject. Here are two, one is quite standard (the usual two viewfinders + a switch for 'instant shutter' or 'hold shutter open', has original canvas case with strap. The other looks, to me, like a very early one, Marked The May Fair Camera, tiny viewfinders, pull-out 'wire frame' presumably as a 'quick viewfinder', little hatch on the side the purpose of which I don't know, two pull-out sliders and another on the back, maybe for writing a caption...oh, I don't's a camera.

SIZE: the black-and-white marker at the bottom of the picture is divided into one inch sections

Price: 12.50