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Combined Hand Magnifier and Stand Magnifier.

Combined Hand Magnifier and Stand Magnifier.

Ref: 3X60-T

Price: 9.00 Including VAT


I must admit that this is beautifully-made: nice lens, solid construction, nice to handle...but technically it doesn't quite work.

It folds flat to form an illuminated handheld magnifier, or opens up (as pictured) to form an adjustable magnifier on a stand. The problem is that it's nearly impossible to get the light to shine on the object. The magnifier adjusts easily. But the light is fixed. So most of the time the light is pointing in the wrong direction. Also, the light isn't very powerful, if you're working under decent lighting conditions you won't see the light in the magnifier at all. I must thank the importer who sent me this as a sample but, alas, this one is a no-no for me.