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Diamond Tester with UV (ultra violet) light

Diamond Tester with UV (ultra violet) light

Ref: DT-4

Price: 49.00 Including VAT



An 8-segment LED indicates diamond or not diamond.

Battery (supplied)

To read the article about diamond testing, click here


8-segment LED display (turns blue and bleeps on diamond).


Dimensions: 6½"X1"X¾" 160X28X20mm

Weight: 100g

Tip: can test stones down to 0.03ct (3pt) in size, smaller if you have good eyesight and a steady hand.

Operating temperature: recommended between 18 and 27 degrees C (64 to 81 degrees F), though it does seem to work fine down to about 12 degrees C (44 degrees F).


Power: one PP3 battery (supplied) or a 9 volt main adaptor (optional)

Warm-up time when switched on: 30 to 40 seconds

Warm-up time between tests: instant


Carrying case.

Battery included.

{Guarantee / Reliability}

Guarantee: one year

Returns rate (those that are returned to us during the guarantee period): less than 3%.



Simple no-fuss tester that performs well. The manufacturers say that this is one of their best-selling models because it has a UV light.


The UV light serves absolutely no purpose when testing diamonds. I have heard people say, "You can test diamonds using UV light" and I say, "How do you know?" and they say, "Because some diamond testers have UV lights". True, they do. But a UV light is of absolutely no use when testing diamonds. It IS of use when testing Moissanite. But this is a diamond-only tester, it does not test Moissanite, that means that a Moissanite will show up as 'diamond' on this tester.

Some batteries (e.g. Duracell) are a fraction of a millimetre too large to fit.


A competent tester that works in cool (but not cold) conditions, fine if you are working in the warm indoors; it's not QUITE as good as the DT-5 but a good choice if you want to save an extra few pennies but still need a reliable tester.