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Gemstones book £15.00 £ 15.00

Gem ID Book £25.00 instead of £29.50 £ 25.00

Fine-focus pen torch £5.50 incl. VAT £ 5.50 incl. VAT

A tube 50mm long X 12mm dia.

If a stone is dichroic (transmits two colours at once) you will see the two distinct colours when viewed through a dichroscope.

You can see the two colours by viewing the stone from different directions, but this often impossible if the stone is set in jewellery, it's easier to use a dichroscope.

{Is it easy to use?}

For coloured stones only.

{Further information}

This is a standard gem tester used by gemmologists, it does not come with instructions, you are expected to know how to use it (a bit like a bicycle, it does not come with instructions telling you how to ride it).

If you are new to gemmology I strongly recommend the book Gem Identification Made Easy. This book systematically works its way through all the optical testers, telling you the theory behind them, what they will test, and how to use them. To get your discount (£25.00 instead of £29.50) tick "Add the Gem ID book" when you order the dichroscope.


Here are more details of the optional extras you can add to this order:

If you are new to gemmology I recommend the book Gem Identification Made Easy. Not only is this a good guide to gemstones, it also has details of every gem tester, including hints, tips and advanced instructions. For more details of this book, click here - special discount price if you add a book when buying this item

Not as detailed, but good guide to gemstones, beautifully illustrated, is Gemstones.

A good light source is essential for using optical gem testers, the fine-focus Pen torch.