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Domestic binoculars (prismatic) up to £100.00

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Right-angle spectacles (

Right-angle spectacles ("TV Glasses")

Ref: kp-0215-n

I would guess, from the style, that these date from the 1910s or 1920s (perhaps a spectacle historian would like to educate me on this).

SIZE: the marker in the picture is divided in one inch sections

Click on picture to enlarge.

Today these would be called "TV glasses" for lying in bed facing the ceiling, and watching the TV at the end of the bed. However, I doubt that TV had been invented when these were made. They were, most likely, intended for someone who was bed-ridden (perhaps parallised from the war), they are far too well-made to be a toy. What is quite remarkable is not only the condition of the spectacles, but the actual case. the case is marked THEODORE HAMBLIN LTD. 15 WIGMORE STREET. LONDON. W.1 AND PROVINCES.

Price: 45.00


8X30 Wray, WrayvU

8X30 Wray, WrayvU

Ref: kp-0215-k

Click on the picture to see a selection of views, including the markings.

EXTRAS, NOT IN PHOTOGRAPHS: brown leather Wray case with strap (catch broken)

MARKINGS: click on picture to see

OPTICAL CONDITION: slight haze + a smeary crescent of dust on one eyepiece

EXTERNAL CONDITION: please examine the photographs carefully.

COMMENTS BY RAFFI: externally it's almost like new, even the strap seems hardly used.

SIZE: the black-and-white marker at the bottom of the picture is divided into one inch sections

Click here to see the Raffi System of Grading Optics

Price: 6.50


7X50 binocular with compass and sighting graticule

7X50 binocular with compass and sighting graticule

Ref: bin-7X50-comp-s-hand

7X50. Rubber armoured compass reads to nearest 0.5 degrees; includes illuminator; rainguard and tethered lens caps; sighting graticules.

This one is brand new (click on link to reviews, below) but is out of alignment, so I'm selling it in the secondhand section (for nearly half price!)

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Price: 59.40 Including VAT


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