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Electronic Gold Tester

Electronic Gold Tester

Ref: M-24

Price: 154.80 Including VAT


This is the cheapest electronic tester that actually works, but it's not particularly accurate.

Fill the 'well' with activator fluid, connect the crocodile clip to the item, dip the item in the fluid, lights indicate the purity (carat). Will test through very thin gold plating only. The lights indicate 9ct, 10ct, 12ct, 14ct, 16ct, 20ct, 22ct and 24ct.

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Many people like to see a result in lights rather than a chemical reaction.
This really is one of the cheapest electronic gold testers that actually works.
This is by far the best of the various Mizar models.
There is no meter, no 'scale', no speed of a chemical reaction to observe, there are just a row of lights, each for a different carat, you do not have to use any judgement


Not having to use your judgement in observing the result is NOT necessarily good - you will never know if the machine is rounding the result up or down. So if, for instance, you see the "18ct" light, it MIGHT be 18ct, but it might be 14ct or it might be 22ct.

The acid contact fluid will dissolve the sensor if it is not cleaned meticulously after every use. Once the sensor is damaged, the tester is beyond repair.

They provide a standard eraser to clean the gold, but this is not good enough to remove plating. The machine will NOT test through plating.

You need good eyesight and a steady hand to place the test-item into the tiny well of liquid, without touching the sensor.

It uses acid as a contact fluid.

Does not test silver or platinum.

{SAFETY} The contact fluid is acid, it must be kept well away from children and stored upright in a cool place - if this is not possible DO NOT buy one of these.

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