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Eschenbach 3.5X illuminated hand magnifier

Eschenbach 3.5X illuminated hand magnifier

Ref: Esch-mobilux

Price: 49.50 Including VAT



Discontinued item, only a few remaining.

Magnifier with handle, the most powerful high quality lens, 3.5X magnification., 75mm X 50mm diameter.

Built-in very bright LED light.

Whist I'd always recommend a slide-over-page magnifier for prolonged reading (holding a handheld magnifier over a book for hours is very tiring!) there are times when you just want to read a menu or a form, and you need something (for the severely visually impaired) that will fit into a pocket or small bag.

The construction is less elaborate than the slide-over-page versions, which is why the price is less elaborate too, the optical quality is just as good.

It comes with a yellow filter that can be clipped over the lens, should the user find the standard white light too bright.

Read all about magnification and how to choose a magnifier, click here.

Save 20% if you are registered blind or partially-sighted, download a form here. (will open as a Word document).

Magnification / lens size in mm: 3.5X 75X50mm

Field of view: Vertically: about seven lines. Horizontally: about six words.

Lens material: Plastic

Origin / brand: from Eschenbach, Germany

Presentation / extras: lens has protective cover

Power: two AA batteries

{Applications / Quality}
Generally, readers are for reading text. That includes books, magazines and newspapers; maps and plans. Also good for the 'small print' on forms or the ingredients on food packets - providing it's not TOO small (or your close sight isn't VERY bad).Includes a built in LED light, powered by AA batteries.

Specifically, if you tend to read newspapers and magazines, where the text is set out in columns, this is the magnifier to go for.



For all qualities of hand magnifiers (from £2.00) see magnifiers with handles or there's the flat-plastic-sheet type (from £1.50) under fresnel magnifiers or (for occasional 'emergency' use) a pocket-size folding magnifier.

A linen tester folds flat, opens into a square, usually for examining linen, stamps, coins etc, though you might wish to try the largest size for reading if you need a large-ish magnifier that folds flat; the small stand magnifiers are powerful high quality lenses for stamps, postcards, coins etc, they are certainly the most powerful but you'll only be able to read one short word at a time; the large stand magnifiers tend to be bench magnifiers for engineers (with mains-powered lights), these ARE suitable for reading but are 'over-the-top' - I have shown them to a few partially-sighted people and they have all said, "It's HUGE! I can't use that!!" - which is a pity, because they are certainly large enough to see most of a page at once.


Why is this item in the 'clearance' section?

We have discontinued this, there's nothing wrong with it, it's a nice magnifier, but we have now have some that are better (by Schweizer, another German make) - they are better quality, brighter light, choice of four different sizes, click here. to see them.