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Eschenbach spectacle magnifier, 2X mag, 40cm working distance

Eschenbach spectacle magnifier, 2X mag, 40cm working distance

Ref: esch-maxdetail

Price: 79.50 (Including VAT)



Eschenbach spectacle magnifier, 2X mag, 40cm working distance.

This binocular magnifier is by Eschenbach (German-made) and is to their usual superb standard.

It's extraordinarily lightweight, very comfortable to wear, and gives the maximum magnification for a magnifier of this construction (2X), and being low magnification also means it's not necessary to 'collimate' it, as you would with the surgeon's magnifiers.

Each side has its own focus knob, this is for two reasons
- the magnifier is designed for the partially-sighted, to be worn in place of spectacles, and so a focus mechanism is essential
- even for those with just a slight prescription, it's probable that each eye is different, so you will need to focus each side to match each eye.


Compared with simple double (binocular) magnifiers that clip to spectacles : easier to use, more comfortable, much better quality, simply no comparison.

Compared with most headband magnifiers the Eschenbach is lightweight and unobtrusive, and better optical quality than most (only the Zeiss is comparable).

Compared with the surgeons' magnifiers: not quite as powerful, not nearly as good in optical quality, but lighter in weight, smaller (no headband) and easier to use (no need to collimate). This Eschenbach is the most superb quality for reading, but (to my expert eye) not good enough for very fine engineering jobs, not good enough for dentistry, certainly nowhere near the optical quality you need for surgery.

There's just one other magnifier which is comparable, the binocmag-8521,25. Comparing the two: it's close! Definitely go for the Eschenbach for a partially-sighted person, you can focus each side separately. The binocmag-8521,25 doesn't have any focus at all so, really, you need to start off with near-normal close-up sight (or, at least, both eyes must be the same prescription) - my eyes are like that, and I far prefer this one (binocmag-8521,25), it is more expensive but, to my expert eye, the optical quality is better, and it's just as lightweight and comfortable as the Eschenbach.