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Front-facing display for Ohaus balances

Front-facing display for Ohaus balances

Ref: ohaus-display

Price: 114.00 Including VAT



All of our approved balances are for buying precious metals by weight.

However, you are not permitted to sell anything by weight unless there is a display (to show the weight) facing the customer.

This front-facing display plugs into the Ohaus balance as show in the picture (i.e. the balance isn't included).

NOTE: you don't have to use a front-facing display! The law is that if you are selling precious metals the customer must be able to see the display. So with a scale that only has one display, you could turn the scale sideways so that you can both see it, or the customer could sit next to you.

{Why so complicated?}

The law was designed with shops in mind. It didn't occur to the law-makers that scales would be used by one-man businesses dealing in scrap, jewellery and antiques.

Customers can't stand behnd the counter in a jewellers shop or pawnbrokers, so a customer-facing display is the only option.

{Buying by weight?}

You don't need a customer-facing display for buying gold.

The reason for this is that it didnt' occur to the law-makers that these scales would be used for buying, ther minds were tuned into 'shops'' - shops sell goods. It didn't occur to them that gold-buying businesses buy gold. And so "buying" was accidentally left out of the law - you don't need a customer-facing display if you are buyiing precious metals.