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Fusion, toughest glue for heavy duty / mechanical items (gap-filling) by Deluxe

Fusion, toughest glue for heavy duty / mechanical items (gap-filling) by Deluxe

Ref: adsv-fusion

Price: 15.00 Including VAT



Toughest adhesive for heavy duty / mechanical items (gap-filling)

Mix the powder with the liquid, over about 20 mins it turns from a syrupy liquid to a thick gel to toffee-like… and ends up at hard as rock (tip: if you haven't finished using it, you can extend the setting time by stirring in a little more liquid). What you end up with is a very solid tough surface, so tough that it is used in dentistry.

Not only is this suitable for plastic items, but also for metal including high-stress moving parts ('critical high point stress joints').


A plastic device (anything) that is so worn it's actually cracking apart. Coat it with FUSION, the result is an almost bullet-proof coating (if necessary it can be drilled, pegged, or screwed).

A watch with a broken lug (the bit that fixes to the watch casing, into which you fit the pin that holds the strap) - it had snapped off. Fixing an approximately-sized blob of FUSION was easy. Filing and drilling it to match the intact lug did take skill, but the result was a valuable watch that was now useable.

I fixed a metal light fitting with FUSION, the metal had snapped. Especially good for cast metals such as aluminium which cannot be soldered back together.

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Brand: Deluxe

Quantity: 35ml bottle of liquid (adhesive) + 35cm3 tub of powder (catalyst).

Mixing: measure out the liquid (pipette supplied), measure out the powder (scoop supplied), mix it in the little plastic pot (supplied).

Application: a spatula is supplied.

Setting time: 15 to 20 minutes

Shelf Life: 5 years min


Measure out 2½ml of liquid with the pipette + 2½ml of powder with the scoop, mix in the little plastic pot, apply with the spatula.


As with all equipment and materials supplied by Quicktest, adhesives must be used in conjunction with the user's skill and experience. Under no circumstances shall Quicktest be liable for direct or indirect loss sustained in connection with any product. Please test adhesives on a low-value sample before using on a valuable antique.