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Gemoro Testerossa diamond / Moissanite tester

Gemoro Testerossa diamond / Moissanite tester

Ref: DT-testerossa

Price: 238.99 Including VAT


Distinguishes diamond from Moissanite.

Finely-tuned to indicate very large sapphires (e.g. 'watch glasses' made of sapphire, not gemstones) in addition to diamond.

Rechargeable batteries (USB).

Includes a clip-on magnifier.

The end lights up to indicate the result and it also speaks the result!


Nice shape, nice to hold, everything about it is beautifully designed, it even has a clip-on magnifier.

It speaks. On the one hand, this is a gimmick, on the other hand it's far easier than watching lights flash different colours.

In our tests it correctly tested our huge ruby (many testers register it as 'diamond') which is good.


It cannot be used in the cold, it can only be used at room temperature (they say at least 18 degrees) so it can't be used at outdoor / unheated fairs and markets in the winter in Northern Europe.

When a stone is neither diamond nor a Moissanite, the voice does not tell you, there is just silence, which gives the impression the machine isn't working. Also, the voice doesn't tell you when the machine is 'ready' for the next test.

The gimmick of making it speak makes it expensive.