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Gemoro UltraTester3 [Loc.P]

Gemoro UltraTester3 [Loc.P]

Ref: dt-ultratester-3

Price: 118.80 Including VAT



You are looking at our section of "Diamond and Moissanite testers, samples, end of lines",
see also Diamond and Moissanite testers, best

Sample from Gemoro, this is not an item we are going to stock as a regular line, so once sold there are no more.

Distinguishes diamond from Moissanite. Also detects sapphire watch crystals (watch 'glasses').

Rechargeable batteries (USB).

The end lights up to indicate the result, as does the curved top of the tester, along with various styles of bleep.



Sample only (not an item we are going to stock) so the price is better than anything you will see on the internet (when you allow for postage and VAT).

Nice shape, nice to hold, everything about it is beautifully designed.

In our tests it correctly tested our huge ruby (many testers register it as 'diamond') which is good.

Built in rechargeable batteries saves you from having to keep buying batteries.


There is no 'key' on the actual tester to tell you what the various colours and bleeps mean, so if you don't use it for a long time, you'll forget what they mean and will have to find the instruction booklet. Likewise, if it's used in a busy shop with many members of staff, it will happen that someone tests a stone in front of a customer, then has no idea what the flashing lights and bleeps mean.

The instructions tell you how to fit the clip-on magnifier. There is no clip-on magnifier.

It cannot be used in the cold, it can only be used at room temperature (they say at least 18 degrees) so it can't be used at outdoor / unheated fairs and markets in the winter in Northern Europe.

It says it detects large sapphires - but not gemstones!, they must be the size of "watch crystals", i.e. it is for testing sapphire watch crystals.

{Reliability / Guarantee}

Returns under guarantee: 3 months. The suppliers in the USA do not automatically replace faulty items, they must have them back for 'evaluation and repair' (and only if they can't repair it, will they replace it). Please allow 6 to 8 week. This applies even if there's a fault in the first few days. Once it is out of guarantee, we can still send it back to the USA but you will have pay the postage there and back. In practice we have found that, after 6 to 8 weeks, items are returned marked, 'no fault found'.

Before returning an item please check the trouble-shooting guide - if, after reading it, you are quite certain it is faulty, return it to us.

Reliability: no idea, we don't stock these as a regular line