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Golden Touch Electronic Gold Tester (no returns).

Golden Touch Electronic Gold Tester (no returns).

Ref: goldentouch

Price: 59.50 Including VAT


Inexpensive, quick, portable, involves no acid (not even an acid contact fluid), instant results on a clear display.

The only snag is, we can't get it to work accurately. Sure, you get pretty colour lines across the test-paper, but they vary depending on the amount of pressure applied, the area that makes contact and the speed at which you 'draw' the item across the paper - in other words, the result bears little relation to what the gold actually is.

When you buy this and find that you CAN'T get sensible readings, you may NOT return it. If you buy this and find you that you CAN get sensible readings from this, please let us know how you did it.

As with all electronic gold testers, it does not test through plating.

The customer who bought these (I had two) reported that it does work providing you take great care to connect the battery firmly (or it doesn't work), and you draw the item across the paper with the correct pressure, and you let the test-paper dry out a bit (because, when fresh, it doesn't work because it's too wet)...but not too dry because that doesn't work either. My conclusion is that 90% of users won't have the patience to do all this.