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Largest hand magnifier rim of lights

Largest hand magnifier rim of lights

Ref: 18X130-L


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1.8X magnification, lens just over 5 inches (130mm) diameter with an 'inset' lens 5X magnification, 25mm (1 inch) diameter.

Light: a rim of 10 LED lights, give a very even illumination, rather nice, and especially good for map-reading in a car, it doesn't dazzle the driver. Batteries included.

This slightly lower-than-usual magnification is good, it enables you to see an entire page at a time, which is most unusual - click on the picture to see. Good for reading, good for maps at night, good if you only need slight magnification but a good light is essential.

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Magnification / lens size in mm: 1.8X (according the manufacturer). That's a good strength for most people for reading books and maps.

Field of view: easily enough to cover an entire page of a book at one go.

Batteries: 2 of AA included.

Lens material: plastic

Origin / brand: Imported by us from China, wholesale enquiries welcome.

Presentation: printed cardboard box

{Applications / Quality}
Generally, readers are for reading text. That includes books, magazines and newspapers; maps and plans.

Specifically, this is my favourite for reading maps in the car, I can sit bolt upright and pay attention to the road signs, and each time I glance down I can see a huge area of map, and so I don't keep losing my place. For reading text it is also good, because it has an unusually wide field of view, which means you can easily see an entire page at once.

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{Also Wholesale}
Availability: we import these, we usually have between 'several' and 'several dozen' in stock.

Minimum wholesale quantity: 60
Pack size: 60

Genuine wholesale enquiries only, please email your details including the URL of your website.
No returns accepted so if you're not sure, buy just one item at the retail price.
No free samples.
Orders must be prepaid (we will email a proforma invoice for your accounts department).
Payment by cheque or bank transfer.
There is a flat-rate postage charge (on UK wholesale orders) of £10.00 + VAT