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Jewellery Making for Profit

Jewellery Making for Profit



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Jewellery Making for Profit

Author: James Hickling

Format: hardback, 175 pages

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Workshop and equipment: polishing machine, rolling mill, grinder, drill press, guillotine, pinfold sizer, bench vice, fly press, lathe.

Materials: steel (hardening and tempering), copper (planishing, punching, engraving).

Speeding up production: (including machines you can buy, adapt or make yourself).

This is not a 'learn to hand-make jewellery' book (which takes years to learn), neither does it expect you to spend several thousand pounds setting up a high-tech. workshop. Instead, it treads a fascinating middle ground: tools you can make or adapt yourself; how to make badges, brooches, bangles, rings etc by the hundred; how to produce small components by the thousand. It is full of invaluable advice for those who want to produce jewellery in quantity, whether to sell to friends or from a market stall or to local shops or even by mail.