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Large (oblong) Mains-Powered Magnifier (lightmag)

Large (oblong) Mains-Powered Magnifier (lightmag)

Ref: mainsmag-ob

Price: 45.00 (Including VAT)


2X magnification, 180 X 100mm (6 X 4 inches).

Large-ish with mains-powered fluorescent light.

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Magnification / lens size in mm: 2X 150X100

Field of view. For reading: vertically, most of a page; horizontally, at least one page. Or for engineering / model / hobby work: you can comfortably work with both hands underneath the lens.

Maximum working distance: 250mm (10 inches)

Light: circular fluorescent lamp, T4, oblong, 16W

Origin / brand: we import these from China

Mounting / Presentation: adjustable arm and tilting head; sits on a table on a heavy base; lens has folding dust cover.

Generally, these are for 'working under' - with a long working distance so that you fit your hand(s) underneath, a high quality lenses to give a very sharp image, and a powerful light. And most of the lenses are large enough to see through with both eyes, so you maintain your stereo vision, which is essential when working in three dimensions, e.g. doing repairs.

Specifically, for engineering and repair work this is a good compromise between a SMALL table-top version and the huge workshop type, the lens high-spec, suitable for professional work, but altogether it fits comfortably on a desk, rather than having to be fitted to a workbench.

Although I hadn't intended this as a magnifier for the partially-sighted, it is, in fact ideal - partly because you can see most of a page at once, and partly because of the very bright fluorescent light. Out of four partially sighted friends who test my magnifiers, this was the 'large' mains-operated one they liked.

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