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Lens Cleaners

Lens wipes by Zeiss, pack of 12

Lens wipes by Zeiss, pack of 12

Ref: lenswipe

98p per pack of 10
£15.00 for 20 packs = 200 wipes (supplied in a nice box with a dispenser)

For spectacle lenses, LCD screens (phones, tablets, computer monitors), and lenses on cameras, binoculars and telescopes. Safe for use on coated lenses.

Each wipe measures 2 inches X 2 inches (about 50X50mm) and is almost flat - carry a handful in your bag, pocket or credit card holder, easier than carrying a bottle of cleaning fluid.


I gave some Zeiss lens wipes to various friends and colleagues, and I also gave them some cheapie lens wipes from a supermarket, and this is what they reported:

- the Zeiss wipes are larger and wetter, they clean their glasses, then find there's enough 'wet' left to clean the nearest phone or tablet screen
- the supermarket wipes were too small for this

- the Zeiss wipes can be used on "All optical surfaces including smartphones, tablets, laptopss, mobile phones, cameras and LCD displays"
- the supermarket wipes have a warming, "Do not use on LCD screens"

Personally, I would trust the Zeiss wipes on my coated spectacle lenses, on my camera lens, and on some very expensive jewellers loupes; personally, I would not use the supermarket wipes on anytrhing other than cheap spectacle lenses.


Price: (19 or fewer items) 0.98 Including VAT
Price: (20 or more items) 0.74 Including VAT


Lens Cleaner (plastic spray-bottle)

Lens Cleaner (plastic spray-bottle)


For all lenses, even the soft acrylic lenses used to make many magnifiers. We had been selling a well-known 'guaranteed safe' brand of lens cleaner (a well-known brand available in most opticians) then found that it damages some plastic lenses! This cleaner is safe on all lenses.

Please note, we get these from an optics factory (they manufacture lenses) who tend to send us bottles from their last production-run, in this case (see picture) a batch they made for Nikon; the design is not always the same. I must get round to designing a label that reads QUICKTEST !

Price: 2.99 Including VAT


Lens Cleaner (tiny glass bottle with applicator)

Lens Cleaner (tiny glass bottle with applicator)


Our own make, this is what the professional use for cleaning tiny lenses and components (e.g. lenses of just 5mm or 10mm diameter) - this is 'over-the-top' for merely cleaning your glasses, please go for one of our spay cleaners instead.

Cap has built in applicator.

For larger lenses such as spectacle lenses and magnifiers use the spray-cleaner above.

Price: 3.48 Including VAT


Lens cleaner with cleaning cloth

Lens cleaner with cleaning cloth

Ref: lensclea-2

Lens cleaner (30ml) with lens-cleaning cloth, in presentation box.

This is an off-the-peg generic cleaner, very good value, fine for most spectacles, really works wonders on car windscreans, showcases etc - but I would not recommend it on really expensive optics, I don't know the manufacturers and don't know how this behaves on very soft plastics and sensititve coatings.

Price: 2.34 Including VAT