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Tiny clear plastic 'linen tester' magnifier, 10X12 lens

Tiny clear plastic 'linen tester' magnifier, 10X12 lens

Ref: LIN10

Price: 9.71 Including VAT



Optional Extra, lens cleaner (safe on all lenses) £2.55 + VAT £ 2.90 incl. VAT

10X magnification, 12mm diameter lens, sturdy metal construction.

Limited quantity only (see "QUANTITY" for how many we have in stock today) - once these are gone, there are no more.

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This is a very low value item. We have a minimum order charge of 7.50 (6.25 + VAT). Is this the only item you require? You may wish to buy more than one, or add some other items to the order.


Type: Folding (linen tester)

Magnification / lens size in mm: 10X12

Size open30 X 20 X 25 mm

Size folded 30 X 20 X 8 mm

Lens material: glass

Lens type: Single lens

Origin / brand: India

Casing: metal

Finish: matt black

Presentation / extras: nylon pouch

{Applications / quality}

A linen tester (also known as a linen prover) is a folding magnifier, traditionally used for measuring the threads-per-inch on linen, which is why it has a scale marked around the base. Today, they are mostly used for viewing stamps, coins, prints and photos - anything flat. They come in all sizes from 15mm to 90mm, one even has a light.

Specifically, this one is very small, its 12mm diameter lens is the size you would find on a jsmall jewellers loupe, the lens quality is quite OK, the casing is made of metal not plastic, nice and sturdy.

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