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Look Station with 22" monitor

Look Station with 22

Ref: LS-22

Price: 750.00 Including VAT


22 inch monitor with the camera built in (behind the monitor) and a 'floating' table underneath, many features.

To read an outline of video magnifiers (the quality compared with lenses, their effectiveness and features) click here.

Magnifications 4X to 55X displayed on a 22 inch monitor; the book (or magazine or newspaper) rests on a platform underneath that moves easily in any direction; large knobs on the monitor control the magnification, viewing options and 'quick find' (locator) functions; auto-focus for reading or fixed focus for writing; various 'locator' options; computer-connectable; three large knobs turn or push, very simple to operate.

At the touch of a button the display can show:

- true colour
- grayscale
- positive reading (high contrast black on white)
- negative reading (high contrast white on black)
- green o black background
- yellow on blue background
- yellow on black background
- white on blue background

Screen size: 22 inch

Overall dimensions: 515 X 540 X 570mm (about 10 X 21 X 22 inches)

Weight: 12Kg.

Magnification: 4X to 55X, just turn the knob.

Floating table: the table (platform) on which you place the book / magazine / newspaper can be moved in any direction, easily, with one finger, as if it's 'floating'. This enables you to move along each line of text effortlessly.

Location functions: you can 'draw' rulers or highlighters to any width, either vertically or horizontally, to stop the eye from wandering from the line, or column, you are reading (sounds complicated, VERY easy!). If you're not sure exactly where, on the page, you are looking, press the 'locator' button and a red light will shine on the paper, to show you what is being magnified.

Auto-focus: focusing is automatic, so it makes no difference if you are reading a single sheet of paper or a thick telephone directory.

Writing function: If you're using it for writing rather than reading, you can lock the 'floating' base so that it doesn't move about, and you can turn off the auto-focus so that it doesn't focus on your hand as you write.

Brightness: just turn the 'brightness' knob

PC connectivity: can be connected to a computer, press a button to us the monitor as your computer monitor, press the button again to use it for 'live reading'.

Area of View: from most of a page to two or three words across the entire screen.

Maximum working distance: a few inches, ample room for writing.

Power: mains.


At the end of this video is the web address of Aumed. They are the manufacturers.
If you want to buy one, please return to

This type of reader is unique, there really is no alternative, this is the only way to read a large area and make it as large as you like on the screen.


If this magnifier is to alleviate a permanent chronic eye condition and / or you are registered blind or partially sighted, you can fill in a form and we can refund the VATclick here to download the form(Word format). The first page is the form, the second page is instructions on how to email it back to us (or if you have difficulty, you can print it, fill it in with a pen, and post it to us with a stamp).