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ID software for minerals and gemstones

ID software for minerals and gemstones

Ref: Mineral-ID-software

Price: 69.50 Including VAT



An interactive, search-oriented database of 700 minerals, designed for a Windows PC.

You can browse 18 minerals at a time, displayed photographically like a slide show, or use the browser for quick, single-click navigation to a particular mineral. There are 600 primary names of minerals and 1000-more related names. Too much? Don't worry - if you are only interested in gemstones, you can narrow down the entire program so that you are only working with 110 gem minerals.

For each item you are shown 20 properties, including specific gravity, hardness, conductivity, refractive index, birefringence, dispersion, colour, streak, lustre, crystal system, chemical formula, mineral group and origin. So if, for instance, you have one gem tester (e.g. a refractometer) you can look up the reading to see which stones match and decide which test to carry out next.

Please note, this is software and cannot be returned once you have registered the activation key.


You can add to the database to make your own catalogue. For instance, if you collect gemstones for reference, you can make a note of the exact readings you get on the various gem testers; or if you are selling expensive gem-set jewellery to customers, you could keep a note of every stone; or if you are a gem dealer, you could list the suppliers and origins of each stone.


Q. If I decide I don't like it, can I return it under your "14 Day returns" rule?
A. If you decide you don't want it BEFORE you download it and enter the registration key, then yes. But once you have done this you cannot return it.

Q. Can I download it onto my phone?
A. No, it's a computer program for a PC not an app for a phone.

Q. Will it work on an Apple computer?
A. No, it's a program for Windows.

Q. Does it show pictures of cut gemstones?
A. No, it shows pictures of the minerals (crystals) from which the stones are cut. These ARE the gemstones! If you take a gemmology course you will need to learn to recognise these.