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New Binoculars, military



Ref: bin-nato-6X30

A genuine military binocular made for NATO forces, and complete with sighting graticules. I've chosen a 6X30 because that is the standard magnification for infantry troops. The M.O.D. can choose any size and magnification whey wish, they use 6 (magnification) X30 (30mm diameter lenses) because that gives the widest field of view and crispest image for troops on the move. 7" wide X 7" tall X 2½" deep. 840g



This interesting and very solidly constructed binocular reminds me strongly - both optically and in its design - of the Fujinon FMTR-SX 6x30, which is widely regarded as the best 6x30 binocular currently made. I owned an example of this superb Japanese binocular for some time. The image quality of the 'Nato 6x30' binocular is outstanding, with a very impressive edge to edge sharpness which again reminds me of the Fujinon model, which employs a special field flattening element in the eyepieces. The Nato 6x30 appears to have multicoated optics which are blue/purple in hue, unlike the greenish-coated lenses of the Fujinon FMTR-SX, which are reported to have extremely high light transmission because of their 'electron beam' coatings. Over the last decade several robust military-style binoculars have appeared from China, including some high quality 6x30 models. The Nato 6x30 is of better optical and mechanical quality than the Chinese 6x30s I have tested to date and is close to the much-admired Fujinon FMTR-SX binocular in its performance.


The Fujinon 6X30 FMTR-SX hasn't been made for a few years now. Am I likely to get a Fujinon 6X30 second hand? Maybe. Please keep an eye on my LIST OF SECOND HAND BINOCULARS. (most likely in the section "All binoculars over £100.00 ").

Price: 295.00 Including VAT


7X50 binocular with compass and sighting graticule

7X50 binocular with compass and sighting graticule

Ref: bin-7X50-comp

7X50. Rubber armoured compass reads to nearest 0.5 degrees; includes illuminator; rainguard and tethered lens caps; sighting graticules.


Electron compass and cursors.

Porro BAK4 prisms, multi-coated.

Exit Pupil Diameter: 7.1mm

Field of View - Angular: 7.5°

Relative Brightness: 50.4
Dark Index: 18.7

Resolution (Center):=4.5

Image Tilt:=1°
Image Parallelism:=30'

Objective Lens: two separate
Eyepiece Lens: three groups of five

Anti-Reflective Lens Coating: FMC/All broadband
Anti-Reflective Prism Coating: FMC/ All broadband

Prism System: Porro/BaK4

Focus System: Points mode

Closed Interpupillary Distance :56mm
Open Interpupillary Distance:74mm

Positive Ocular Diopter Adjustment:+5(diopter)
Negative Ocular Diopter Adjustment:-5(diopter)
Ocular Diopter Adjustment Location: 0.5(diopter)

Alignment: maximum eyepieces distance and minimum eyepieces distance
Divergence :=60'

Drop Test Standard: 15cm thick sand layer, the product in a polybag, 1.83M drop height.
Shock: frequency 5-55-5Hz half sine sweep, the maximum acceleration is 5g, 5minutes per cycle, time; 60 minutes

Water Resistance / Proof: depth of 1m/60minutes
High Temperature Resistance-Operational: 55?±2 ?
Low Temperature Resistance-Operational: - 40?±3?
Garner Temperature: +70?

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Price: 148.99 Including VAT


8X30 binocular with compass and sighting graticule

8X30 binocular with compass and sighting graticule

Ref: bin-8X30-comp

8X30. Rubber armoured compass reads to nearest 0.5 degrees; includes illuminator; rainguard and tethered lens caps; sighting graticules.

Supplie with straps and heavy duty case, not pictured.


Magnification: 8x
Objective lens diameter: 30mm
Designed for military application with internal compass and range finder
Military specification to standards GJB1240, GJB150 and MIL-STD-810*
Angle of view: 8°
Field of view: 141m/1000m
Field of view: 423ft/1000yards
Exit pupil: 4.3mm
Eye relief: 17mm
Minimum focus distance: 8m
Focus system: individual
Prism type: porro
Size: 165x75x115mm
Weight: 575g
Waterproof: Yes
Fogproof : Yes
Shockproof: Yes
The cavity in the inside body housing filled with argon

* we do not have details of these standards, and we do not have any evidence that they comply, other than having been given these details by the manufacturer.

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Price: 85.00 Including VAT