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New Binoculars, military



Ref: bin-nato-6X30

A genuine military binocular made for NATO forces, and complete with sighting graticules. I've chosen a 6X30 because that is the standard magnification for infantry troops. The M.O.D. can choose any size and magnification whey wish, they use 6 (magnification) X30 (30mm diameter lenses) because that gives the widest field of view and crispest image for troops on the move. 7" wide X 7" tall X 2½" deep. 840g



This interesting and very solidly constructed binocular reminds me strongly - both optically and in its design - of the Fujinon FMTR-SX 6x30, which is widely regarded as the best 6x30 binocular currently made. I owned an example of this superb Japanese binocular for some time. The image quality of the 'Nato 6x30' binocular is outstanding, with a very impressive edge to edge sharpness which again reminds me of the Fujinon model, which employs a special field flattening element in the eyepieces. The Nato 6x30 appears to have multicoated optics which are blue/purple in hue, unlike the greenish-coated lenses of the Fujinon FMTR-SX, which are reported to have extremely high light transmission because of their 'electron beam' coatings. Over the last decade several robust military-style binoculars have appeared from China, including some high quality 6x30 models. The Nato 6x30 is of better optical and mechanical quality than the Chinese 6x30s I have tested to date and is close to the much-admired Fujinon FMTR-SX binocular in its performance.


The Fujinon 6X30 FMTR-SX hasn't been made for a few years now. Am I likely to get a Fujinon 6X30 second hand? Maybe. Please keep an eye on my LIST OF SECOND HAND BINOCULARS. (most likely in the section "All binoculars over £100.00 ").

Price: 295.00 Including VAT


7X50 binocular with compass and sighting graticule ** OUT OF ALIGNMENT **

7X50 binocular with compass and sighting graticule ** OUT OF ALIGNMENT **

Ref: bin-7X50-comp


7X50. Rubber armoured compass reads to nearest 0.5 degrees; includes illuminator; rainguard and tethered lens caps; sighting graticules.

Of our remaining stock, they are all out of alignment (gives a double image).
Was £149.00, now £49.50.



Q. Can you (Quicktest) repair them?
A. No

Q. Could you (Quicktest) recommend someone who can repair them
A. No

Q. Could I (the customer) repair them?
A. Maybe...I don't know

Q. Can I (the customer) have a look and decide?
A. Yes, you have 14 days to decide if you want to keep it. HOWEVER, you may not dismantle it then send it back!


Electron compass and cursors.

Porro BAK4 prisms, multi-coated.

Exit Pupil Diameter: 7.1mm

Field of View - Angular: 7.5°

Relative Brightness: 50.4
Dark Index: 18.7

Resolution (Center):=4.5

Image Tilt:=1°
Image Parallelism:=30'

Objective Lens: two separate
Eyepiece Lens: three groups of five

Anti-Reflective Lens Coating: FMC/All broadband
Anti-Reflective Prism Coating: FMC/ All broadband

Prism System: Porro/BaK4

Focus System: Points mode

Closed Interpupillary Distance :56mm
Open Interpupillary Distance:74mm

Positive Ocular Diopter Adjustment:+5(diopter)
Negative Ocular Diopter Adjustment:-5(diopter)
Ocular Diopter Adjustment Location: 0.5(diopter)

Alignment: maximum eyepieces distance and minimum eyepieces distance
Divergence :=60'

Drop Test Standard: 15cm thick sand layer, the product in a polybag, 1.83M drop height.
Shock: frequency 5-55-5Hz half sine sweep, the maximum acceleration is 5g, 5minutes per cycle, time; 60 minutes

Water Resistance / Proof: depth of 1m/60minutes
High Temperature Resistance-Operational: 55?±2 ?
Low Temperature Resistance-Operational: - 40?±3?
Garner Temperature: +70?

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Price: 148.99 Including VAT


8X30 binocular with compass and sighting graticule

8X30 binocular with compass and sighting graticule

Ref: bin-8X30-comp

8X30. Rubber armoured compass reads to nearest 0.5 degrees; includes illuminator; rainguard and tethered lens caps; sighting graticules.

Supplie with straps and heavy duty case, not pictured.


Magnification: 8x
Objective lens diameter: 30mm
Designed for military application with internal compass and range finder
Military specification to standards GJB1240, GJB150 and MIL-STD-810*
Angle of view: 8°
Field of view: 141m/1000m
Field of view: 423ft/1000yards
Exit pupil: 4.3mm
Eye relief: 17mm
Minimum focus distance: 8m
Focus system: individual
Prism type: porro
Size: 165x75x115mm
Weight: 575g
Waterproof: Yes
Fogproof : Yes
Shockproof: Yes
The cavity in the inside body housing filled with argon

* we do not have details of these standards, and we do not have any evidence that they comply, other than having been given these details by the manufacturer.

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Price: 85.00 Including VAT