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Pen torch

Pen torch

Ref: pentorch

Price: 5.50 Including VAT



The most powerful light, pen torch, by QUICKTEST, just like a pen (in fact, the torch pulls out and can be reversed to form an actual pen).


Length: 12.5cm long (5 inches)
Diameter at light:12mm

{Light / batteries}

LED (not replaceable, but then tend to last 30,000 hours)

Takes three LR41 batteries, included.


Torch the size of a pen, with a finely-focused beam, not only good for looking into the inner recesses of antiques, but ideal as a light source for optical gem testers:


Chelsea Filter

Refractometer (though this is not a monochromatic light)

polariscope, or merely to light the stone whilst using a jeweller's loupe.

There are many other applications: seeing the sockets behind computers, visual inspection of PCBs deep in electronic devices, even car engines at night.

This, of course, is not to say that it can't be used as a handy pocket torch for general use, just keep one in your pocket or handbag.