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Pocket Fruit Knives by Simon Moore

Pocket Fruit Knives by Simon Moore

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Pocket Fruit Knives

Author: Simon Moore

Format: hardback, 288 pages

Edition: 2008

A brief history of pocket and fruit knives in Europe up to 1650
Early French pocket fruit knives
Evolution of English pocket fruit knives to 1770
The 'Pistol=grip' period: 1170-1790
The Golden Age: 1790-1815
Later Regency to pre-Victorian, Rocco and neo-classical re-visited 1815-1837
The extravagance of the Victorian period1837-1890 & later French pocket fruit knives
The declining years: 1890-1940
Pocket fruit knives from other countries
Collecting, construction, pitfalls, fakery and faults
Pocket fruit knives, list of makers, references & further reading

On one level this is a glorious picture book detailing the history of the fruit knife from the 1650s to the 1960s; on another level it is a guide for any collector or dealer showing the varying styles through the ages, including sponsors' marks, hallmarks and values.

So the next time you find 'an old penknife' or an 'interesting item of cutlery' check to see if it is an old fruit knife, and research its age, maker and value.

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