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Polariscope, mains-powered.

Polariscope, mains-powered.


Price: 150.00 Including VAT



Gem ID Book £25.00 instead of £29.50 £ 25.00

Gemstones book £15.00 £ 15.00

Approx. 7 X 6 X 5 inches, and the filter ("platform") 35mm diameter.

Large base, easily rotates. Stone-holder attaches to base for easy positioning of stone. Includes a conoscope.

Most gemstones are crystalline in structure. Some crystal structures are doubly refractive and some are singly refractive. For instance, diamond is a crystal of the cubic system, it is singly refractive. Most diamond simulants (look-alikes, not diamond) are doubly refractive, including Moissanite. So you could use this as an inexpensive tester to distinguish diamond from Moissanite. You cannot, however, use it in place of a diamond tester, for instance, the significance of Cubic Zirconia is that it's crystal system is cubic, just like diamond.

{Is it easy to use?}
Reasonably easy.

At the top and bottom of the tube are two filters (Polaroid discs), revolve the top filter until everything in the tube appears dark and place the stone on the platform in the middle. Now turn the stone so that it revolves through 360°. If it appears to turn light-and-dark it is doubly refractive, if it remains dark it is singly refractive. Read all about it in a good gemmology book (see Further Information), this item is not supplied with instructions

This model has a built-in light and is mains powered. It does not take batteries.

The stone needs to be rotated on the platform (with this model the platform rotates, which makes it easier than having to turn the item). That's very easy with loose stones and small items of jewellery, but not possible with large items of jewellery (it must fit onto the platform 35mm diameter).

{Further information}
For detailed instructions of how to use all gem testers seeclick here.


Here are more details of the optional extras you can add to this order:

The book Gem Identification Made Easy systematically works its way through all the optical testers (and some of the electronic testers) telling you the theory behind them, what they will test, and how to use them. To get your discount on this book please order by ticking the "Optional Extra" box when you order the spectroscope.

Not as detailed, but good guide to gemstones, beautifully illustrated, is Gemstones.

A good light source is essential for using optical gem testers, use our fine-focus Pen torch.