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Power Supply (for 240v UK mains)

Power Supply (for 240v UK mains)

Ref: psu

Price: 12.50 Including VAT


Power supply (mains adaptor) to use your product on mains instead of battery.

Most of our products take batteries, you don't need a power supply, it is an optional extra.

We have a large selection of power supplies, we will find one to fit your product
but the brands vary from month to month, so:

- it might not look exactly like one in the picture

- the picture shows examples of some of our power supplies, you don't get all four, you just get one

and also:

- the output for these power supplies can be anywhere from 4.5v to 12v depending on the product (we will find you the correct one); the input is always240v (UK mains)

- do not confuse these with a USB power supply, the output is always 5v, the input is anything that has a USB socket, usually a computer or mobile device. However, if you don't have anyting with a USB socket, we have a special USB power supply that you can plug directly into the mains (UK 240v), see our USB plug.