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Large torches + for cabinets and stands

Slimline battery-operated floodlight

Slimline battery-operated floodlight

Ref: cat-light

Battery floodlight.
Limited quantity.

Takes standard AA batteries, I use two of these to light up our stall at the Kempton fair, the wide-angle light is just right, and it's also just the right brightness (about 250 lumens) so that it doesn't dazzle us or the customers at short range. One set of batteries last six hours.

What I particularly like is:
- it really is small (not so long ago we had to carry an entire crate of lighting!)
- the handle clicks open into six positions, so you can use it as a stand on the front of the stall to point up at show cases, or clip it to a pole (e.g. dowling) above a showcase, or (as we do) clip it high-up to light the entire stall.

It's also good for buying (i.e. outside at pre-dawn fairs and markets), see what's on each stall without having to point a torch at each item.

5.5 X 4 X 1.5 inches, takes four standard AA batteries.

(1 item) 15.00 Including VAT
(2 or more items) 13.75 Including VAT


THE most powerful battery torch, 1000LM

THE most powerful battery torch, 1000LM

Ref: torch-1000LM


It's 1000LM (1000 lumens).

How bright is that?

The LED bulbs in your ceiling are probably 300LM, and one of those will light a whole room.

Yet this torch is battery -operated (takes three batteries, supplied) and is comfortably handheld in size and one set of batteries last over 16 hours.


Settings: high beam, low beam, strobe, SOS

Water resistant to 8m (they don't specify, but usually that means waterproof for 1 hour)

Impact resistant: it should survive a fall of 1m onto a hard surface

Batteries: three size D (supplied)

Battery life: 16 hours on low beam or 6 hours on high beam

Size: 10 inches X 2 inches (26 X 5cm)

Weight including batteries and strap: 880g


There is, of course, 'general' use (walking, boating) but we use these for:

- emergency lighting. One of these will light up an entire isle in our warehouse, so that if there's a power cut, a handful of torches enable us to keep working (our warehouse has no windows!), with every shelf brilliantly lit.

- just two of these lights up our entire our stand at the Kempton fair. They pack neatly into a small crate, and they don't need charging, we just carry three spare batteries in case of emergency

Price: 24.50 Including VAT


Cordless folding table light

Cordless folding table light

Ref: light-cordless

Rechargeable batteries are built into the light.

Three levels of brightness for the main light, lasts up to 6 hours on one charge.

Super-slim-line, opens to any angle:

e.g. 90 degrees for very close work (including writing)
e.g. 180 degrees, as an emergency light, or to light up a show-cabinet

Supplied with a USB cable.



The base is 70mm (3 inches) wide tapering to 45mm (2 inches); then the folding lamp is 180mm tall (7 inches) by 15mm (about 0.5 inch) wide.


DC 5v, 500mA, 1.8w max.

Supplied with a USB cable, to charge it, plug into any device or - mains adaptor that has a USB socket.

Charging time (from flat) 3 to 4 hours


Main light on HIGH - maintains full brightness for 2 to 3 hrs then gradually dims over the next 1 to 2 hrs
Main light on MEDIUM - maintains full brightness for 4 to 5 hrs then gradually dims over the next 1 to 2 hrs
Main light on LOW - maintains full brightness for about 15 hrs then gradually dims over the next 1 to 2 hrs



Slim-line, compact, portable, perfectly designed
Five lighting settings (the lowest setting will run for 24 hours continuously)
Built-in rechargeable batteries with built-in charger (just plug it in to charge)


A bit pricey
The highest setting (brightest light) will only run for 2 or 3 hours
Takes three hours to charge from flat


I was thinking of trying these for some time, but was put off by the price. When I saw it, I just loved it - it's just so beautifully-designed that I bought one for myself and one of my colleagues bought one too.

It's slim-line, neat, portable, unobtrusive; it folds up so small, yet on HIGH it is bright enough to light up a room. On LOW it will run for 24 hours continuously.

Everything about it has been well thought-out.

You would think that a light this slim would fall over when it's opened, but it doesn't. You would think that an object this lightweight would move when you pressed the button, but it doesn't, because the button is not mechanical, it's a touch-sensor.


For lighting a stall indoors under the fluorescent lights you get in most exhibition halls, it's fairly useless, it really isn't bright enough to make any difference.

For lighting individual jewellery displays. Two lights, one either side of a cabinet, on the brightest setting does make a difference, I would highly recommend this, especially if the overhead lighting in the hall isn't very bright. To light up the entire stall, forget it, these are not powerful enough,

For lighting a stall outdoors in the winter (pre-dawn trade markets) - brilliant! You will need between three or four of these lightrs, but you will sell more stock once the customers can see what they're buying!

Price: 19.94 Including VAT