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Quicktest-3 tester for gold and silver

Quicktest-3 tester for gold and silver

Ref: Q3

Price: 42.50 Including VAT



OFFER! Add The Gold & Silver Buyer's Handbook reduced from £12.50 to £ 9.50

Add videos (memory stick) of how to use each acid £ 3.90 incl. VAT

Glass bottles INSTEAD of plastic bottles - £ 7.50 incl. VAT


TRADE ONLY! Acquisition, possession or use by the general public is restricted, see "Restrictions"

Three bottle tester, tests for all carats of gold and also silver.

Each acid changes colour when applied to the metal, and the colour (and the speed of the reaction) will tell you if it is gold, and the carat. Also tests for silver.

This is the 'industry-standard' tester, clearest instructions, colour-reactions easy to see, even for the colour blind.

Each set includes a diamond file (to check for plating), a sample of copper (to see the reaction on 'base' metal), a magnet (gold and silver aren't magnetic), and the instructions sheet - they all fit neatly into the box with the acids.

Our standard testing kits come with the standard plastic bottles with a dropper - but if you prefer the old-fashioned glass bottles with the plastic 'pointer' in the lid, then go to OPTIONAL EXTRAS, above, and select "Glass bottles instead of plastic bottles" You will then be sent the same tester, but with glass bottles instead of plastic bottles (i.e. you will not get both). Please note, nearly all of our customers prefer the plastic bottles!

To view the instruction manual click here.

To read about various methods of testing gold click here to read the article.

{DETAIL} Supplied in strong wooden box which contains the accessories and instructions (there is also a summary of the instructions fixed to lid). The instructions are very simple, there are even instructions for the colour blind, you don't have to distinguish between green, grey and brown.

This is THE 'industry standard' tester. The simplest (easy to use) set on the market. Strong wooden box for safety, accessories included, childproof bottles. We have been manufacturing this model since 1986.

Accessories: magnet, diamond-impregnated needle file, sample of 'base' metal (copper).

The first bottle tells you if the metal is not gold or 9ct or better than 9ct.

The second bottle tells you if the metal is 14ct, 18ct, 22ct or 24ct (and it's accurate enough to gauge 'in between' these readings)

The third bottle tests for silver (Sterling, 925 grade or 'continental' .800).

Each bottle contains enough fluid for 100 to 150 tests and has a shelf life of between one and two years (the date of manufacture is printed on each label). Each bottle is transparent so that you can see how much fluid remains.


Preparation, , click here to play the video
- good to see this if you have never used testing acids before.

Using the bottles, click here to play the video
- can't get the lid off?
- don't know what to do next?

Not gold, click here to play the video
- the reaction on non-gold

9ct, click here to play the video
- testing non-gold / 9ct. click here to play the video

18ct, ! click here to play the video

Play all the videos at once, click here to play the video


The fluids are acid - you will need a steady hand and good eyesight; the bottles must be kept well away from children and stored upright in a cool place - if this is not possible DO NOT buy one of these.

Click here to read a 2-page plain-English guide to safety (or click here
to download the full technical COSHH data sheets, 114 pages).



Buyers must be aged 18 or over.

Acid testers are supplied for business or professional use only, e.g. for buying, selling, valuing.

Acquisition, possession or use by the general public is restricted, if this product is for private or personal use you must send us a copy of your EPL (Explosives Precursors Licence) which you can get from the Home Office.

We can send acids to the following countries (this is in addition to UK mainland):

Czech Republic
France (mainland only)
Greece (mainland only)
Italy (mainland only)
Norway (mainland only)
Portugal (excluding Azores and Madeira)
San Marino
Spain (excluding Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla)
Sweden (mainland only)

If you have requested delivery to any other country, the order will be cancelled.


We send acids using a dangerous chemicals service with UPS, acids cannot be sent by Royal Mail. Nobody sends acids by Royal Mail - if you find otherwise, send us evidence and (once we have verified it) we will not charge you any postage at all on your next order of acids.

There is a surcharge to remote areas, this being some addresses starting AB, CA, HS, IV, KA, LA, PA, PH, TR and all of KW and ZE, click here for details. This website cannot cope with special postage rates for just some products to just some postcodes - so the shopping basket will show our standard charge. We will email you to ask if you wish to pay more. NO MONEY WILL BE TAKEN FROM YOUR CARD unless you agree!