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Roket Hot super thin penetrating cyano glue

Roket Hot super thin penetrating cyano glue

Ref: adsv-roket-hot

Price: 6.00 Including VAT



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Super thin penetrating cyano adhesive

Super-thin (far 'thinner' than water!), penetrating, fast-setting. Use this if the break is clean and the parts fit together perfectly, the high penetration will guarantee a perfect join.

Flat surfaces are good, one spot on two small pieces of wood 'flash over' the two surfaces and set almost instantly. Small perfectly-fitting joins are good, a slither of porcelain will adhesive back into place flawlessly.


Good for any small break, from a figurine to a plastic toy to a teapot lid; absolutely perfect for chipped or smashed items where you are working with small fragments (use the ADHESIVE TIPS).

OK for glass, unless the glass is transparent, in which case use ROKET ODOURLESS instead.

OK for soft plastics / plastic foams (though not polystyrene).

Can be used on fine metal parts (e.g. small decorative items) but there are better adhesives for metals and larger items.

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Brand: Deluxe

Quantity: 20g

Mixing: no mixing required.

Application: bottle has fine nozzle (sets of very fine nozzles available.

Setting time: 1 to 5 seconds

Shelf life: 1 year providing it's kept tightly sealed, cool and dry


Surfaces must be clean and perfectly-fitting, position the parts closely together, apply one drop, press the parts firmly together, do not move them while the adhesive sets. Remember, it will set in 1 to 5 seconds so plan how you are going to press the parts together.


As with all equipment and materials supplied by Quicktest, adhesives must be used in conjunction with the user's skill and experience. Under no circumstances shall Quicktest be liable for direct or indirect loss sustained in connection with any product. Please test adhesives on a low-value sample before using on a valuable antique.