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Russian 7X55 hand magnifier

Russian 7X55 hand magnifier

Ref: 7X55

Price: 7.50 Including VAT



The most powerful hand magnifier for reading, 7X magnification and 55mm in diameter.

What you get is a nostalgic 1970s-style genuine Russian item: thick glass, lumpy plastic frame with a slightly rough handle, and it even features a removable lens (if you drop it, the lens falls out…but you can push it back in) - they just don't make them like that anymore!

As regards the quality, please be aware that what you get for £7.50 isn't the same as what you get for £39.00, the Eschenbach reader, 2.4X

Look at the enlarged pictures to see the difference - the cheaper lenses are slightly wavy (and more wavy as you move them across the page), the expensive lenses are perfect.

HOWEVER, this one really is 7X magnification, and the lens is a decent size, so you are getting good value for y our £7.50. There's also a smaller version of this magnifier, 5X50.

Read all about magnification and how to choose a magnifier, click here.


Why are these in the 'clearance' section?

I had a few hundred.