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Self-gripping screwdrivers

Self-gripping screwdrivers

Ref: sdr-grip-cross

Price: 7.50 Including VAT


Self-gripping screwdrivers. Press the end, the 'claw' opens, gently push the tip onto the screw, and it grips, and won't let go until you gently press the end again. Very nicely made.

The cross-head is #0 which is about 2½mm
(Note, the picture shows the screwdriver to have a flat head. The flat head are sold out. These are cross-head).

There was also a flat-head version but these are now sold out, no more are available.
Both styles are still shown in the picture, but onlly one style (the cross-head) is in stock.

See my short description of screw types.for more information.