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Set of Sample Diamond Imitations

Set of Sample Diamond Imitations

Ref: test-stones

Price: 199.00 Including VAT


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This is a set of 'difficult' stones that are confused with diamond, not so much because they look like diamond to a diamond expert, but because they are very hard to measure on machines: YAG, GGG, synthetic sapphire, synthetic spinel, zircon, strontium titanate and cubic zirconia.

If you want to use the standard Presidium (model GEMTETST-PRES) or the duo presidium (ref. GEMTEST-DUO) to detect diamnd simulants (using the Thermal meter) you will need to compare the readings with actual samples. The set of samples are also useful for general education, study them, learn to recognise them, after a while you will see that they are quite different from diamonds.

They are clearly labelled, do not mix them up, these cannot be returned!