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Smallest monocular, 2.5 X 17.5

Smallest monocular, 2.5 X 17.5

Ref: MONOC2X17

Price: 12.77 (Including VAT)



The smallest monocular ever, at 35mm long X 20mm dia, this Russian monocular really does fit in the palm of the hand!

I keep one in the car to look at roadwork signs whilst stationary in a traffic jam. Others might use it to see the numbers on buses or horses, the writing on notice boards or scoreboards, the actors on stage...or just their children in the garden.

It focuses down to 26" so you could read your neighbour's newspaper on the train, or even use it as a magnifying glass if you have long enough arms.


We bought dozens of tiny Russian binoculars, they didn't work, we cut them in half, the result: these monoculars, which work beautifully. You can see where we've cut them, even though we've done our best to paint the 'join' black.